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An end, and a beginning

On May 21st, Nintendo will be shutting down some of the servers required for Gen4/Gen5 games (DS Games) to function online. I'm unable to emulate these servers, due to how they're structured.

I am, however, working on partially supporting Gen 6 - you won't be able to edit pokemon and send them back, but, I will enable you to (if you have a digital copy or have a powersaves) view the stats on all mons, and possibly a trade finder that will allow you to find people with your shiny value. All this TBA

Welcome to PokeGTS.us!

On this site, you will find various utilities for creating/editing/receiving Pokémon on your DS. Navigate above to the various utilities.

Major thanks to the ProjectPokémon guys (and Fenzo/MaxG in particular) for their help in making this site happen. Most of the event Pokémon in the Selector come from ProjectPokemon's collection available at Project Pokemon Events.

Contact me here if you want to buy ad space on this site!
ProjectPokemon appears to be fine now, but I have mirrored pokegen here if you need it.
If you were having problems uploading pokemon because you had uploaded an invalid pokemon, you should now be redirected to an error page that will clear up the invalid pokemon.