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The End

Unfortunately, site development on Gen 6 support is stalled due to lack of information, and I don't have the time nor resources to work on Gen6 profiles like I had planned on.

As such, the site is down for good, unless new information comes along. I've brought the site back up temporarily so that you can grab any distribution links you have sitting out there.

Welcome to PokeGTS.us!

On this site, you will find various utilities for creating/editing/receiving Pokémon on your DS. Navigate above to the various utilities.

Major thanks to the ProjectPokémon guys (and Fenzo/MaxG in particular) for their help in making this site happen. Most of the event Pokémon in the Selector come from ProjectPokemon's collection available at Project Pokemon Events.

This site is now defunct due to Nintendo/Gamespy shutting down servers. I have brought the site up temporarily, in case you want to grab any distribution links and download them.